About Select at NKSC

The North Kitsap Soccer Club Select program was formed in 1998 with 2 select teams.  We are a member club of US Club Soccer (USCS) nationally recognized youth soccer organization.

Since our beginnings we have grown to nearly 300 participants including players, coaches and staff.  Our teams play in local through highly competitive state and regional leagues. We produce state and regional champions and some compete nationally.

NKSC Select provides comprehensive training for boys and girls 10-18 years old who have the desire, dedication, commitment and will to achieve individual and team success.

Our Philosophy

NKSC strives to be a high quality, educational-athletic organization that provides a positive environment for the selection, coaching, and development of student athletes who possess the desire to be the best they can be.

Put simply, our goal is to teach our athletes to play “for the love of the game” by creating and maintaining this positive environment while emphasizing player development, sportsmanship and learning life skills.

To help achieve this goal NKSC is dedicated to:

  • Coaching using the principles of Positive Coaching
  • Teaching players what it takes to be a good team and good teammate
  • Emphasizing technical (ball control) skills, especially at younger ages as the critical basis to future success in the sport.
  • Teaching advanced soccer skills, tactics and strategies to improve both individual and team performance.
  • Teaching life lessons and skills that have value beyond the playing field.
  • Emphasizing that after team formation each player has an important role to play in order for the team to maximize team success.
  • Providing advanced training and competition at affordable cost.
  • Recognizing, reducing and combating soccer burnout so players will make soccer their life sport.
  • Allowing teams to seek their own competitive level of play based on their performance.
  • Encouraging players to maintain a healthy balance between family, school and soccer.
  • Teaching that dedication, commitment and teamwork allows its participants to accomplish more then the sum of the individuals.
  • Acknowledging that parents, along with players and staff, all play critical roles in providing a positive environment which ultimately ensures team and program success.

We believe this positive environment, one in which parents, players, coaches and staff all work together, is the best way to achieve our goal of ensuring our NKSC athletes play “for the love of the game”.

Who plays North Kitsap Select?

The NKSC Competitive program is for players with more advanced soccer skills, or players wishing to develop their skills.  They  represent the NKSC as one of more than 10,000 competitive players registered on over 600 teams throughout Washington State. Our program services over 250 boys and girls at the U11-U19 age groups.

The commitment

Select teams generally practice 2-3 times per week. Most select teams operate from 9 months to year round beginning in April, with the older teams generally playing more. A summer tournament season runs from May-Aug where teams play in weekend tournaments.  The Select Fall League begins in September and runs for 12 weekend games for most teams. HS aged girls play their season in Winter Leagues November-April. There are also optional Winter/Spring Leagues and State Championship play for all age groups during the same time.

Where do they play?

Tournaments and league play are normally discussed and decided by the Head Coach and Club Technical Director.

The cost

Our club registration fee is $595 per player and covers all aspects of our soccer program, including field access, referees, equipment, league fees, scheduling, and administrative expenses. Plus, this year, we’re including three summer tournament fees!

We have payment plans available online as a registration option.

Scholarships are also available.

Player selection

Competitive team tryouts are held in the spring. Evaluators rate and rank players according to skill, attitude, physical stamina, leadership, work ethic and other criteria. The head coach selects the team and players are notified.

Typical team season schedule

Normally the coach along with team staff and parent input set a team’s commitment with respect to the number of practices, summer tournaments and overall “season” length.

Our Select players DO play other sports – The misconception is that once a player starts down the “Select” road everything else stops.  That is not the case at NKSC. Many of our players also play JH and HS sports and other leagues outside of soccer. Granted soccer may conflict with some activities at times but with good communication and some scheduling changes these conflicts can be normally worked out. Please talk with the soccer coach about his/her philosophy of playing concurrent sports.

Our Priority

Family, schoolwork and soccer commitments must be met realistically. Coaches and managers help our players balance family and school needs with player and team growth and development requirements. Through this our goal is to have our players be successful at this which helps them play for “the love of the game”. Soccer should be challenging yet fun not a “job”.  It is our hope that players choose soccer to be their “lifetime sport”.