About The North Kitsap Soccer Club

Our Brand & Legacy

The North Kitsap Soccer Club brand and legacy are deeply rooted in the historical, ethnic and geographical ties to the Northern Kitsap Peninsula area of Puget Sound in Washington. These date back many years and were adopted during our Club’s establishment in 1977. These traditions include strong Scandinavian, Nordic and Native American heritages with maritime overtones. We carry this legacy forward showing pride NKSC has in our community and heritage. Learn more

Our Vision

North Kitsap Soccer Club’s vision is to continually provide an affordable, positive learning environment
which produces well-rounded, highly skilled and motivated team players passionate about the sport
of soccer.

Our Mission

The mission of North Kitsap Soccer Club is to present the opportunity for area youth to learn the game of soccer, to encourage enthusiasm for the sport through the development of soccer skills, promoting fitness, experiencing the joys of teamwork while instilling sportsmanship through fair play.

Our Core Values

  • Developing a player’s passion for the sport through the delivery of quality programming
  • Emphasizing skill development, positive self-esteem, hard work and commitment, integrity and respect for each other and the game
  • Cultivating a strong sense of connection to our community

Our Goals

  • Make soccer an enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • Maximize participation in development programs, particularly those at the younger ages.
  • Increase player development for all regardless of age and skill.
  • Provide ongoing training and development for coaches and referees as a means to further enhance the youth soccer experience.
  • Use these to produce highly skilled teams and players fully prepared to advance towards their future soccer and life ambitions.

We are a youth soccer club of over 1,000 players in northern Kitsap County, across Puget Sound from Seattle, in Washington State. The Club Recreational program participates in leagues hosted by the Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association (NSYSA) and Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WYSYSNSYSA.

The Club Competitive program is participating in Washington Premier League.

Our club serves boys and girls ages 5 to 18 years of age. It is the goal of NKSC to provide as many different opportunities as possible for our players to assist in their development as soccer players and well-rounded individuals. With this goal in mind, we have a very dedicated group of Board Members and Coaches who strive to provide a successful program for recreational and competitive levels.