Why Choose NKSC Select?

Why Play?

  1. Play for a reasonable cost – we offer quality training and produce highly skilled athletes and competitive teams for about $600 – 800 total (registration & team fees) per player per year vs $2000-$7000 charged by other clubs. Many teams also reduce their fees even more through fundraisers and sponsorships. Scholarships are also available.
  2. No monthly coaches/admin fees
  3. No contracts

Our experienced, skilled and licensed staff of volunteer coaches provide outstanding training that maximize each player’s potential. North Kitsap Select staff is the highest licensed all volunteer staff in the state. All coaches have played competitively. Many have played in college. Most are still playing. Coaches are especially screened to ensure their coaching philosophy is aligned with NKSC Philosophy.

Additionally, we augment our coaching staff with professional and volunteer trainers consisting of current and former college and professional players, and High School coaches to teach special topics and techniques. 

Learn the game. Make your “dream” team

It is no surprise that North Kitsap Select players have nearly 100% placement on area high school soccer teams. Many of our most dedicated graduates go on to play in college. But make no mistake, team success if a function of dedication and commitment of the players and staff, and the chemistry between the coach, players and parents. It’s a package deal.

Earn your select/competitive level

Unlike clubs of the Regional Club League (RCL) which is closed to over 80% of WA state youth teams, NKSC teams earn their league placement by competing in leagues OPEN to all competitors in Washington Premier League (WPL).

We earn placement year after year in local, state, regional and national leagues and tournaments purely on the merits of our competition results. Placement is not determined by CAP formulas or political committee placements. This takes hard work and dedication to the sport. There are no shortcuts, no free passes, no formulas and no promises other than the chance to compete.

We are here for the players. Come “love the game”

At NKSC we are serious about training and serious about competing, but our coaches and staff do not lose sight of the fact that they want to impart the love and passion they have for the game of soccer to their players.  One of our goals is for the players to play “for the love of the game” making soccer a life sport, where players can learn life lessons and one they can enjoy for years to come.